Natural Space Risks 2019


August 26 to August 31st, 2019 Paris Observatory, France

This summer school aims at providing bachelor and master students with an intensive training on all Earth natural space risks. The programme addresses space weather, space debris, near-Earth objects, and their societal impacts. Resilience aspects is also tackled by researchers and by experts from the civil society.

During this one-week school students will have a mix of academic lectures and hands-on sessions on orbitography, solar observations, and applied data reduction and analysis, during splinter sessions. The lectures and the hand-on sessions will be run by experts coming from all over Europe ; experts from the industry will explain the importance of natural space risks for their activities. This school is a unique opportunity to meet academic and non-academic researchers at the early stage of a career.

32 students have been selected to participate. They come from Austria, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovaquia, Spain, UK, Ukraina, USA.

Group NSR-2019
Group NSR-2019

Photo of the participant to the NSR-2019 summer school. Photo taken in front of the castle at Meudon

The program can be accessed from the Website

The first reactions of the students concerning the School on LinkedIn
Organizing Committee : C. Briand (chair), F. Deleflie, W. Thuillot