Compte-rendu de la campagne d’Observation WT1190F

The scientists from Sri Lanka and France at Matara and Ambalangoda, namely Min-Kyung Kwon, Auriane Egal, Tharaka Devinda and Subath Amaradasa, were under the rain and therefore could not observe the reentry of WT1190F. This was the risk of ground base observation and we knew it. Nevertheless we have the satisfaction to have done everything in our power to actually observe the event, in an extremely short time (10 days only !). Auriane and Min-Kyung have done a tremendous job getting ready and organizing this observation campaign. They had to quickly learn a huge amount of knowledge and know how to be ready on time. The fact is, Francois Colas and myself knew they could do it because we trust them, and we are glad they did.

A BIG THANKS to our colleagues in and from Sri Lanka who helped them settling down ! Namely Tharaka Devinda, Subath Amaradasa, Nalin Samarashinha, the university of Matara and the police station at Ambalangoda ! Another big THANKS to Marco Micheli (ESA), Florent Deleflie (IMCCE) and Siegfried Egel (IMCCE) who provided us with updated orbital elements and circumstances of the reentry. Thanks also to CNES for their advice.

This campaign could not have been done without the help of Francois Colas, who not only provided the funds from the FRIPON project, but also helped a great deal so that everything would be ready on time. THANKS to you Francois !

THANKS to all of you for the support you showed us through your emails ! I am glad we were able to put this campaign together. This is a remarkable demonstration of our capability to create quick scientific collaboration with scientists we have never met and who live a few thousand km away.

Last but not least, let’s get ready for the next one !

Jérémie Vaubaillon